Updating pet microchip info
You can call the shelter and set up an appointment with one of our Staff members or just stop in during regular shelter hours. The fee to microchip your pet by one of our Staff members is $25.00. Entering microchip information in the national 24PetWatch database will be completed by Eastshore Humane Association’s Staff.

What is microchipping?
A microchip is a tiny capsule, about the size of a grain of rice.  The capsule is injected under the flap of skin on the back of the pet's neck. In less than five minutes your pet can be inserted with this tiny microchip which could be the key to a successful reunion. It's that simple!

The microchip acts as a form of identification. It is not a GPS device. Each microchip contains your contact personal information. The fee is a one-time fee and does not need to be renewed. If, in the unfortunate circumstance your loving pet wanders off, it can be identified by the microchip. Any vet or animal shelter should have a scanner to identify the owner of the lost pet.

Local vet clinics and shelters have a scanner which reads a digital code in the capsule.