Coronavirus Statement

It did not come as an easy decision, but Eastshore will be closed to the public starting Tuesday (3-17-20). We will revisit the topic each week and make sure to alert you when our doors are open for regular business hours again.
FOSTERS: More than ever we are thankful for the foster group we have! If you would like to hear more about this program, please contact us via email, message or call.
ADOPTIONS: We will be answering phones Monday, Tuesday, Friday from 8am-4pm, Thursday from 8am-6pm and Saturday 7am-3pm to try to help the public with any needs. We will schedule meet and greets with hope of adopting to any approved applications. Please visit to fill out an application.
DONATIONS: With our doors locked during our "normal" business hours, please call or message to schedule drop offs of donations. We do not have a box outside for them and do not want anything sitting overnight.
We will continue to bring our furry friends to your newsfeed as a positive in your day. We promise they are getting the love they deserve outside the kennel by staff. Please stand by us in this decision to keep everyone safe.
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