Pet Behavior

If you have a pet care or behavioral question, please consult your veterinarian. We have provided some helpful links below too for quick education on many of the common issues pet guardians encounter.

Cat Behavior Consultants:
If your cat has behavior issues, an ignored problem could become a learned behavior.  Please contact the Fox Valley Cat Clinic at

Litterbox Problems

Litterbox cat naughty
There are many common problems involving the litterbox—and most can be solved! Here are some handy tips:
  • Cats need enough boxes: rule is 1 litterbox per cat, plus 1
  • Cats do not like to use dirty litterboxes
  • Many cats do not like scented litter or when you change litter brands (gradually mix old litter with new)
  • Do not change the location of the litterboxes
  • Size of box should be appropriate for size of cat (larger cats need larger boxes with higher sides)
  • If kitty does not like current kind of litter, consider an alternative litter (often healthier for you and your cat!) Some litters include: wheat litters (Sweat Scoop), corn litters (World's Best Cat Litter, Poulty Layer at Fleet Farm), newspaper litters (Yesterday's News), pine litter (Feline Pine) - most of these are better for your health and the environment, are flushable and have very little dust!
  • If problems persist, a health issue could be behind your kitty not using the box; please consult your veterinarian